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Linn Wealth provides its clients with access to thoroughly vetted institutional grade real estate deal flow via established connections into best in class real estate sponsors and operators. The Company works closely its clients who desire to place capital into evaluated real estate deal flow that would otherwise not be open to outside investment if not for the relationships that the Company has. Due to the market presence and breadth of these relationships, Linn Wealth has been able to create opportunity for diversified sector placements in order to help its investors create well balanced portfolios with placements into Multifamily, Industrial, Office, Retail and other structured real estate transactions. We work closely with our investors to determine what their objectives are in order to provide access to appropriate opportunities. In addition, Linn Wealth has advised clients on navigating and deploying into 1031 and Opportunity Zone transactions in order to provide access to these tax benefits.

Representative placements include:

Existing Multifamily and Multifamily

Development Opportunities

Value Add and Existing Office

Value Add and Existing Industrial

Value Add and Existing Retail

NNN Outparcel



Medical Office

Structured Debt

Investments are made through a real estate syndication which uses a partnership structure.  Investors are limited partners and share in the income, appreciation, as well as the depreciation as a passive investment. These are not REITS.

Private investment vehicles (including but not limited to private real estate investments) are generally only available to "accredited investors" as such term is defined under federal securities laws. Before proceeding, please verify that you are indeed an accreditor that is eligible to invest in private investment vehicles. Private investment vehicles may be restricted in a variety of ways which could make the purchase or sale of such investments at desired prices or in desired quantities difficult or impossible. In some cases, neither LWCM nor you will have the ability to dispose of such investments for a specified period of time, which means that such investments cannot be sold or otherwise redeemable for cash until such time as a redemption window opens or a repurchase offer is extended by the investment’s manager or sponsor.
For accounting purposes, private investment vehicles may not have a readily-available market price, and therefore such investments will be assessed at fair value as reasonably determined by us or by an independent third-party. There is no guarantee that fair value will represent the value that you will realize on the eventual disposition of the private investment vehicle or that would, in fact, be realized upon an immediate disposition of the investment.
Due to their lack of marketability, lock-up periods, and potential for fair value determinations, private investment vehicles are subject to risks and limitations that are distinct from publicly-traded liquid investments.
We encourage you to ask us any questions about the potential benefits and associated risks of private investment vehicles.

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