Linn Wealth Capital Management is a State Registered Investment Advisory Firm Which Operates Under the Fiduciary Standards.  

Linn Wealth Capital Management designs portfolios to participate in the equity and fixed income markets, by using individual equities, individual bonds, exchange traded funds and mutual funds. Each of these portfolio’s are customized based on the opportunities that present themselves as the money is being deployed. Independent research, creative out of the box thinking, and time tested strategies help our client’s maximize their returns for any given level of risk.

Be it a Bull or Bear market, we coach our clients on ways to stay fully invested in the market, and be opportunistic at putting new money to work.

We uphold Fiduciary standards while managing your assets via brokerage accounts for individuals, retirement accounts, trusts, charities and foundations.  

Linn Wealth Capital Management has partnered with Charles Schwab, J.P. Morgan Private Banking and Pensco as trusted custodians. These relationships also support our clients with lending and banking services


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