Our Vision, Philosophy, and Approach to Investing


Our Vision

The World is changing.  Breakthrough Advances in Healthcare, Financial technology, Space exploration, Energy Storage, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are happening right now. We believe there will be more innovation and advances in the next 10 years than in the prior 100, and are making investments in these spaces for our clients that want to participate in this time of change.

Our Philosophy

Investing in the purest sense, is simply making bets on current and future trends, and the risk reward equation associated with it. We believe investing is much more to do with sound logic and good common sense than analyzing complex charts and creating algorithms. We are all exposed to new ideas everyday through our experiences and choices in different products and services we use as a consumers, and those being used by large corporations. The other important and critical part of investing and having success for our clients is their investment behavior.  It’s a very strong determination of investor results. We believe and have proven time and time again, It’s about teaching investors to be more disciplined, less emotional about their investing preferences and habits. On average, most investors actions reveal they are too optimistic when a certain asset class has over-performed, and thus end up investing too much during those times.  Conversely, being too pessimistic when certain asset classes are weak, and not investing enough in these times.

Our Approach

Invest in long-term macro secular trends by making direct investments in many different asset classes high quality managers and sponsors. We see the traditional and conventional investment tools and strategies used in the past not being as effective in the present, mainly because of the unique  economic fiscal and monetary policies during these unprecedented times. All of our investment strategies and solutions are implemented by our experienced team of fiduciaries

“Our mission is to help manage your finances so you can pursue your goals.

Jordan Linn | founder