Insurance Services


Linn Wealth Management helps ensure our clients are positioned properly for whatever life challenges they may face.


LWCM has an insurance brokerage agency, Linn Wealth Management, that offers comprehensive risk management services.  We provide a full service of insurances, from helping to reduce liability and exposure to optimizing retirement savings.


As the insurance industry becomes more specialized, sorting through the various choices is more difficult than ever. It is easy to make a costly mistake that doesn’t become obvious for years. When it is done correctly, insurance can alleviate stress after a tragedy, create stability in difficult times and protect the people and things you love.


Our team includes insurance professionals who are adept at auditing existing insurance programs. We look at performance, proper ownership, beneficiary designations and a myriad of details that can work against your goals. Many individuals acquire insurance to meet a specific goal, sometimes long ago or for forgotten reasons. We can reevaluate your current strategy based on your original plan and make adjustments to better suit your current situation.


Our planners understand how insurance fits into a comprehensive plan. Whether you need life, disability, long-term care or a specialty policy to fit a unique need, we will search the market for the right options. As an independent organization, we have access to a wide range of products.


By looking at insurance as one component of a holistic plan, we ensure that it does not leave gaps or create situations that could undermine your overall estate-planning goals.


Some offerings include, but are not limited to:


Long-term Care

Disability Insurance

Term & Whole Life Insurance

Individual and Corporate Health Insurance

Property & Casualty Insurance.

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