Crypto and Blockchain Technology

Linn Wealth Capital Management has been at the forefront of advising clients on coins and tokens in the digital asset space.

Blockchain technology has created a growing demand for boarderless peer to peer decentralized transactions. Specifically within Decentralized Finance (DeFi), financial services are shifting away from the incumbent traditional companies like large banks, insurance and brokerage companies who normally facilitate transactions. The blockchain can authenticate transactions without a third party. This enables individuals to initiate these services on their own while reducing cost & maintaining their privacy. For example, Smart contracts are now able to complete a transaction and execute a contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code that exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network.


There are many considerations when it comes to these investments such as:

  • Which coins to purchase, use an active trading strategy or a passive buy and hold, or a combination of both?
  • Should you purchase them in a brokerage account using a fund, or own the coins directly?
  • Do you keep them in a hot storage, cold storage on a personal wallet or at a trusted Custodian?
  • Which Custodians are deemed the safest and most reliable and reputable, and which have the best features for trading vs storing?

We will help you understand what is happening in this dynamic and evolving space, and the best way to navigate and profit in it. We offer solutions that fits the needs of all types of investors in this space, whether it be an experienced investor who has purchased these assets on their own, or first time investors to the world. In either case, we will be advising on a fiduciary level, and always looking out for our client’s best interest.


LWCM has partnered with Gemini Trust Company, an industry leader, is the best in class solution for our clients. Gemini is a New York State Trust Company and Qualified Custodian under the New York Banking Law. They are aligned with the Federal Financial Institution Examination Councils (FFIEC) and are the world’s first SOC 1 & 2 certified crypto exchange (audited by Deloitte.) In addition, both their exchange & custody accounts are insured by Marsh. The insurance on the exchange accounts are adjusted to match that of of the investments, while the secure cold storage has 200 Million in coverage.


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As with all non-publicly traded crypto assets, a complete loss of capital is always a potential outcome.

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